Thoughts on Father’s Day

My father had an authentic faith he lived before us children. It’s hard to believe my father went to be with the Lord six years ago. My father loved the Lord with all his heart. He was not a perfect man but he was authentic in his faith. He did not live one way in public and another at home. He was full of integrity in his confession of faith and his normal life.

The greatest thing my father did was pass on his faith to us. I would see my father pray, sing, and weep before the Lord. Like the old saying, “some things are better caught than taught.” I caught his faith on a daily basis. Our children are looking to us to pass on to them a faith that is alive and true; not a system of rules without grace. My daughters love the Lord and that means more to me than any ministry or anything this world could offer and they know that. I tell them to, “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well.”

You may think to yourself, “Well my kids see a lot of imperfection,” but I say to you let them see your brokenness in it and then they will know your faith is genuine. My children see my humanity. When I fall short I acknowledge it but that doesn’t discount my faith. It only shows how gracious God is and that we can go to him as our loving heavenly father.

This Father’s Day sit down with your children. Acknowledge your shortcomings, if you need to. Tell them you love the Lord and you love them. Ask their forgiveness, if you need to. It may bring the presence of the Lord and testify to His work in your life. Remember, life is short. I did not expect my father to pass as quickly as he did but, as I stood at his funeral, I had no regrets. All accounts were clear between he and me. This Father’s Day clean out the accounts. As a father, live an authentic faith before your children.