Stand 4 Youth

Coming to youth group for us means a lot of things – it means getting to interact, joke around, and goof off. But don’t be fooled, that isn’t all! Our goal IS to love each other, get to know and challenge each other to pursue God, and draw near to Him EVERY time we meet because we know that ONLY He can satisfy! We know that He is what this world and every young person needs!

We are studying a series on Foundations: How can you build a foundation that will last? We will be opening up the floor talking about how to stand the test of time and to know that what you believe is really the right thing. Besides meeting with God in worship and the word, we also have a swell time of fellowship and games… and yes… food. 😉 So if you’re up for some fun, relationship, more of God’s word and His presence – we invite you to join us! Fridays at 6:30 pm is open for anyone ages 11 to 19. We believe God has called us and this generation to make a Stand for Him – we may do it in unconventional ways, but hey it’s always real and fun… it’s real fun!