Men's Group

Question: What do you get if you combine Saturday morning early rising, a pot of coffee, scrambled eggs, venison sausages, and pancakes?

Answer: Wes Hall at 8:30 am on the second Saturday of the month preparing a meal for six to twelve men to arrive at 9 am for breakfast.

The food is good but it is not about the food. Most of the guys come to spend time together, shoot the breeze, or have a serious conversation about cars. There is an alternate motive—we sure need one another to step in and encourage each other in prayer or have someone help us in a more practical way.

Wes prepares not only the food. He takes time to prepare and lead a Bible study about personal revival. It requires each one of us to try to be real and honest; sure there are sometimes attempts to make light of the topic when things get too close to the shirt—we are guys. We have a chance to get to know each other better when we might not have time to catch each other on Sundays and we also get to meet guests. The Saturday men’s meeting is an open and non-threatening way to invite someone from the outside.

And no—we do not have venison sausages every time. If you want to have a shot at it, let Wes know ahead of the time and he might just treat you to that when you come.