What are Life Groups? At Word of Life, these groups are regular gatherings that build community. These groups provide opportunities to connect, train for leadership, be discipled, encourage one another, get involved, or serve. As we open the Word of God, we find wisdom, comfort, guidance, and faith. There is hope for everyday life found in sharing our experiences with one another in a setting that is warm and inviting. This is often the case as people linger to fellowship after the meeting, or gain leadership training.

Some of the Life Groups are during regularly scheduled services, but they are still a chance to connect. Other Life Groups are held in someone’s home where things are more relaxed. Wherever the location, the smaller groups help individuals feel like a family.  We hope you will make yourself at home by plugging into a group soon. For more information, please contact the church office. We would be happy to help you connect at Word of Life.