Families with Young Children

They won't sleep- so you don't sleep. Mountains of toys, laundry and dishes. Reading that same book over and over while trying to remember your last adult conversation. Paying for all the baby gear and diapers. Those challenges that come with strong willed two-year olds, and three-year olds, and four… But we love these kids more than anything, right? Because there are also snuggles, laughter, love and getting to know this fabulous little person. It's amazing; all the good, stinky and exhausting bits of it are treasured before the time slips by. But the fact remains this season of life with babies and young kids can be challenging. It's stresses can take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Who you are and your role in life changes- you earned the new title of "mom" or "dad" and your marriage dynamics change.

It can be easy to put marriage on the back burner while mastering diaper changing. You become a pro at blending baby food and forget to connect to your spouse. Time with your toddler after work can take priority over dating. Lack of sleep tends to produce cranky parents! So in the small group for "families with young children" the focus now is on building up marriages. And while we learn biblically based tools to strengthen our marriages we have a chance to connect with others in the same season of life, to fellowship with one another and support each other in prayer. We may also discuss parenting questions during this time.