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Pastor Phil’s Thoughts

Marriage and other topics

As I write this article, my wife and I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage this week. Here we are now with four daughters, 18 years through 11 years. For some reason she still loves me and, if possible, I love her more now than when we were first married. Marriage is God’s idea!! I always…

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Mindset of Faith

We just finished a whole series on “Mindset.” We looked at several scriptures but the central theme is what we think in our mind determines our behavior. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” If you believe it then you will act upon it. If you do not then you will not.…

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Thoughts on Father’s Day

My father had an authentic faith he lived before us children. It’s hard to believe my father went to be with the Lord six years ago. My father loved the Lord with all his heart. He was not a perfect man but he was authentic in his faith. He did not live one way in…

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What a Local Church Should Be

A local church should be a place where people are released in their gifts and callings. It should not be just a place that you attend or where you consume. It should be a place where you are a disciple and grow. Sometimes people say to me, “Pastor I want to be mentored. I agree…

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